Hap: The Story So Far

This page summarizes the chapters of Hap the Crystalwright, my novel-in-progress, that have been posted to this blog. Each “Part” contains two chapters. To read the full story, click on the links to the full chapters. I’ll add a map here as soon as I can. If you like this story and want to see more, I’ll work harder in response to “likes” and favorable and thoughtful comments.

Copyright (text only) 2022 by Alan Carl Nicoll, all rights reserved.

The Story So Far

Part One, Chapter One:  We meet Hap the crystalwright who creates and repairs simple machines that utilize the “crystals” manufactured by his friend Zeebo, who is a Benoy and thus not a citizen of Meteron, a city in the land of Kreeg.  Hap meets with friends in the Assembly, planning their strategy to grant citizenship to the Benoy population.  However, their plans are forestalled by the opposition.  We also are introduced to two persons with special talents:  Vel, Hap’s daughter, who can reliably read the character and dishonesty of people, and Dez, a blind woman with especially acute hearing.

Part One, Chapter Two:  Pit, the nephew of Hap, arrives from Noi with a letter from Hap’s brother.  Vel catches Pit lying but says that he is honorable.  It is revealed that the Great King of the East is attempting to force Pit to steal the secret of the crystal technology that is the source of Kreeg wealth.  A spy is discovered in Hap’s shop/residence and a pursuit begins.

Part Two, Chapter Three:  Vel and Dez investigate an inn and find a suspected spy.  The spy is caught after a scuffle, but Dez warns that other spies must be in the land.  The Assembly of Meteron decides to send a mission, including Hap, to Serpias to investigate and attempt to free Pit’s parents.  A new ship, the Runner, is prepared for the voyage.  Hap and Vel discuss the role of women in Kreeg.  Zeebo surprises Hap with a new invention, and temporarily blinds himself in testing it.

Part Two, Chapter Four, “A Dangerous Voyage”:  During final preparations, the Runner is stripped of its rowers’ benches, Swordmaster Sich and Listener Dez board the ship, and the Runner motors out of port into the Inland Sea.  A night’s layover at the island of Veon allows landlubbers to settle their stomachs.  The next day, Captain Sup warns the passengers of probably attacks by flying Taza dragons.  The chapter ends as the Runner is attacked by a much more dangerous sea dragon.

Part Three, Chapter Five: “A Fight for Their Lives”

Part Three, Chapter Six: “Taza Island”

Copyright (text only) 2022 by Alan Carl Nicoll, all rights reserved.