Diary, 10/7 to 10/19/19, biggest post ever

Lay in bed this morning half asleep, turning over in my mind several words: acicular, acuminate, corm, carom, and maybe some others. Oh, yeah, crom, which comes from Conan the Barbarian. I looked it up; under cromlech, I found that crom is Welsh for bent or crooked. On looking in the Scrabble dictionary, I found, to my surprise, many words beginning with bh…; the only one I’d seen before was bhakti. I think there’s a book by Joseph Campbell titled Bhakti and Baksheesh, about his time in India. I think I owned a copy for a while, started reading it, and gave it up...

My New Diary, 12/14/2018

Bartley will help me get past the quote from Wittgenstein that has hung me up for a couple of decades: “The difficulty is to realize the groundlessness of our believing. At the foundation of well-founded belief lies belief that is not well founded.” This is quoted in Kai Nielsen: Philosophy and Atheism (see Collected Quotations). The details aren’t worth recounting here; Bartley will persuade me that CR provides a “ground” that is not “groundless.” I’ll write about it as I go along; right now, I’d rather not.