Taoism, Sex, and Media Taboos

Diary 6/30 to 7/2/22: Typos; Nietzsche quote; testicle experiment; specializing journalists; Matt Taibbi quoted; Black Panthers; bingeing; blood pressure and nausea; the end of Highsmith diaries; Sharper Image; a day of labors; a dream.

Male Pelvis model?

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Diary 6/30 to 7/2/22: Typos; Nietzsche quote; testicle experiment; specializing journalists; Matt Taibbi quoted; Black Panthers; bingeing; blood pressure and nausea; the end of Highsmith diaries; Sharper Image; a day of labors; a dream.


Looking back at a “Philosophy Today” blog post based on my diary entries from 9/11 to 9/12/21, I found a typo in a quote from Nietzsche.  So I corrected the post, corrected the diary, and corrected my Collected Quotations where I had copied the quote.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

I mention this first, because it’s great to have these quotes, but it’s tiresome to want to correct them all, and second, because I found this from Nietzsche’s Human, All-Too-Human:  “It is well known that regularity of sexual intercourse moderates the sensual imagination, even almost suppresses it and, conversely, that it is unleashed and made dissolute by abstinence or irregularity in intercourse.”  He describes the very thing that drove me to taking sildenafil even after being warned off it by my doctor.

So what’s new with the vibrator?  Last night I used it as a sexual stimulant, applying it to testicles and penis, and derived some pleasure from it.  Then I applied Palmer’s as a lubricant and, reversing my hand (so the back of the thumb bumps against my body) I stroked as the vibrating continued between my legs.  The hand reversal is something I learned to do perhaps fifteen years ago as an alternative to the “normal” hand position (thumb-side up), an alternative that I use when the body feels like it or wants it.  It has advantages but it’s also more difficult to reach orgasm.  I found the combination unusually stimulating—a pleasant discovery!  And I persisted in this for about half an hour, without reaching climax.

After vibrating my testicles yesterday, this morning I felt a hollowness in my groin; I had the thought that it was as though I had been kicked in the balls yesterday and had essentially, but perhaps not completely, recovered.  So I applied the first aid treatment for that kind of injury, that I heard about like sixty years ago: I massaged my testicles.  And lo and behold, the hollow feeling disappeared, so now, at 11:30 am, I feel back to normal.

A good thought from Glenn Greenwald this morning:  “A journalist who attempts to weigh in on every last debate ends up being a specialist in none, little more than a generic pundit offering superficial bits of conventional wisdom or cursory statements designed to flaunt shallow virtue as part of a dreary brand-building exercise. I have always tried to use my platform to focus on issues and analysis that otherwise receive insufficient attention given their gravity, and there is no shortage of other writers who focus obsessively on fights over culture.”  But this is a mere lead-in to a conversation with Christopher Rufo, about whom Greenwald says, “The conservative writer and activist is undoubtedly controversial and provocative. But there’s no denying the impact he is having, thus requiring attention and scrutiny.”

More interesting is this from Matt Taibbi:  “There are a lot of taboos on commercial television, which for instance doesn’t like to show scenes of poverty (unless it’s being chased by police), rarely interviews non-voters, almost never does military contracting fraud stories, and seldom shows results on the ground of American military/drone strikes, even if they’ve already appeared on the airwaves of other countries.”

He goes on to talk about this:  “Perhaps the most dependable taboo in American media, however, involves black Second Amendment advocates. As Ford [Fischer] and News2Share have documented over the years, there are many such groups, and they sometimes march in conjunction with groups like the Boogaloo Boys. In fact, the biggest taboo of all might be showing such groups demonstrating together…”

I had been wondering lately, “Where are the Black Panthers?  Whatever happened to them?”  It seems that they, or some of them, are among the groups demonstrating, and being ignored by MSM.

Yesterday I binged without bingeing.  My practice of taking chips in a measuring cup and eating only those chips avoids the terrible practice of taking the bag and eating until I stop; but if the quantity ingested is the same, my rule has broken down.

Now the puzzling thing is that I measured my blood pressure in the morning, before any chips, and in the afternoon, after two cups of chips; the afternoon reading was lower.  This morning my BP was the highest of the three…so, it’s kind of hard to draw a conclusion.  My weight was also down this morning.

Another problem:  the daily nausea I was feeling as a result of the baby aspirin I take every day, is back.  I had beaten the problem by thoroughly chewing the aspirin and letting it dissolve as much as possible in my mouth, but now it’s back despite that precaution.  So I had the thought, maybe it’s not just the aspirin, but acids in orange juice and sodas?  I read the label on my most-often-drunk diet Squirt, and found no acid ingredients—but carbonation is carbonic acid (H2CO3, I believe).  So this morning I avoided the orange juice and had almond milk in my smoothie—I didn’t like the taste, alas.  For a soda I drank an A&W diet root beer.  The result is much less (but not zero) nausea.  So, again, it’s kind of hard to draw a conclusion.

Just spent more than half an hour getting my account to balance.  This was particularly annoying because I have a new account as of about a week ago.  It turns out that what was posted was in the process of being updated, so I wasted much time…but finally all looks good.


Woke to a bout of angina, chewed four aspirin, swallowed one.

Spent an hour this morning finishing the Highsmith.  The last fifty pages or so were considerably less interesting overall, too much about publications, legal issues, and undescribed trips, though a few passages were excellent.

First-of-the-month routine will make today not much fun.

People who buy Sharper Image products by preference need to know that these products are also sold at Wal-Mart.  (snicker)

My Tao poem has gone nowhere, in part or perhaps mostly because I feel no confidence in my knowledge of the chosen subject.  Though I’m also inclined to push back and say, “So what’s to know?”  Meaning that the subject, as far as I can tell, is mere moonshine.  Perhaps that’s my theme?  An anti-Tao Tao poem?  Given that this is a “challenge,” self-inflicted, surely it would be better to show up tomorrow with something mediocre or even bad, than with nothing?  Anyway, that’s the plan.  It’s not like I expect the others to astonish me.

“What, this again?” Photo by Jben Beach Art on Pexels.com

The computer is really sluggish this morning.


Yesterday was full of labors which I don’t feel like describing; let it suffice to say that I left the house at 10:00 am and got home at 3:15 pm, a day of bus rides, waiting, shopping, and struggling with my cart which apparently weighed more than 80 pounds (two 35-packs of bottled water, plus other things), and the temperature when I checked it that afternoon was 99°.  As the saying goes, “My ass was draggin’.” Oh, and eating—I bought a six-pack of chocolate frosted donuts and ate three of them, while drinking water, and at home I ate other things, not stopping until about 8:00 pm.  Naturally I expected a huge gain this morning; instead, my weight was 0.2 pounds lower.

“Dreams” Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This morning I woke from a dream about the Taoism poem, ideas floating around, like “we are water with impurities” and “we are oceanic.”  It all seemed quite brilliant, “the solution to my challenge,” and on waking it all seems banal and Taoist in the worst sense (whatever that is).

Last night I added to my verbal sketches for the challenge; I had thoughts of recording that here (i.e., dictating), but don’t feel like it.  I’m due at Panera Bread at 8:00 am and just feel like crawling back into bed.  I’m not used to all this activity!  I need a shower and want to post this to the blog, then out of the house at 7:30.  Blech.

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