LGBTQ+, Vertigo, and Politics

Diary, 5/10 to 5/11/22: No Dr. Strange today; Sony and Morbius; Richard Medhurst; too many syllables; photo memory? Recommended books; Hartmann; vertigo; macros; smoothie woo hoo!

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{5/10/22} Continued.

*Quoting myself:  “If you’re too warped by your childhood, there’s no telling what you’ll do.”  A link to the source, titled “A Stack of Books—Prison Diary Excerpt,” from 6/5/08.


In checking the Maya Theaters website, in anticipation of seeing the latest Doctor Strange, I noticed a poster for Morbius.  WTF?  Why would Marvel release another movie while Strange is sucking all the Marvel oxygen out of the universe?  Answer:  Morbius is a Sony picture.  Morbius gets 17% from critics, 73% from audiences, which probably means that I’d like it well enough.  I’ll wait for the DVD.

I thought I understood at least the basic situation between Marvel, Sony, and Disney, but it seems that I didn’t (shocking, isn’t it).  A DDG search on “sony and marvel” didn’t turn up anything particularly useful, the current interest is in a new contract among the three behemoths to make more Tom Holland – Spider-Man flicks.  Well, I hope they’re better than the previous trio, though Holland has made me forget Toby Maguire as Spidey (though Spidey 2 is really excellent because of Doc Ock—and Kirsten Dunst has one great scene, in the rain, “nuff said”—a scene somewhat toned down in more recent DVD versions, if my memory is reliable in this (probably not)—my theory is that Dunst saw it after release and objected…too bad).

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness begins another showing every thirty minutes, and sometimes more often, at the Bakersfield Maya.  How, um, strange.

Daniel Espinosa, director of Morbius, was born in Sweden; so much for my stereotyped thinking.

Richard Medhurst, something of an acquired taste for me, has a video on YouTube about the new White House Press Secretary, brought to me this morning by “Leftists Today by Independent Left Media,” rather a mouthful, that.  Anyway, he disses this appointment, calling it “tokenism” and I don’t quite disagree, though I rather like Karine Jean-Pierre.  But I bother mentioning this at all because of this graphic that Medhurst says he designed.  It’s actually a year old.

“Uncle Joe’s Rainbow Coalition Death Cult”

LGBTQ+” is another “mouthful”—six syllables.  Later in the video Medhurst says “queer” after having previously used the six syllable version.  I have no idea what the LGBTQ+ community uses among themselves or prefers to be referred to by…Gay Star News has a good article on this subject, but is both inconclusive and they themselves use LGBT+ as their “house style.”  I respectfully suggest two short alternatives:  “L+”, and “rainbow person”.

Photographic memory is a myth, according to Joshua Foer, who wrote Moonwalking with Einstein, a book about remarkable memories and how he won a memory challenge.  It impressed me and was totally fascinating.  Here’s his article for Slate, titled “Kaavya Syndrome:  The accused Harvard plagiarist doesn’t have a photographic memory. No one does.” (link)

I found the article while searching for lists of recommended books.  There are probably more such lists than there are books themselves (joke).  Most such lists are popularity contests; for example, Goodreads has an impressive set of pages.  I have my own best books list which is heavy on the classics and nonfiction, but also has politics.

An idea for a novel for children:  unfortunately, the ground is already covered by Young Sheldon, “Stewie” on Family Guy, and doubtless about ten thousand books I’ve never heard of.  In my “200 Ideas” notebook, #15, I called it “the novel I was born to write.”

Thom Hartmann talked on his show today about how the Congress can go around the Supreme Court, as set forth in the Constitution.  [The segment isn’t on YouTube yet.] Well, that’s fine, but Congress is even more broken and corrupt than the Supreme Court.  $1,000,000,000 in “campaign contributions” (bribes) already in 2022, as I mentioned here yesterday, ensures that nothing that will help the poor in the US will pass Congress, with the possible exception of bills relating to money (because no filibuster).  “Biden’s Agenda” has as much chance as “Bernie’s Agenda.”  And so we will do nothing about the climate catastrophe, and “the end is near.”

But I repeat myself.

I want to get Hartmann’s Hidden History of the Supreme Court, but it’s only available from my usual source, Thriftbooks, as a new book for almost $15.  Alibris, which I’ve never heard of before, has it used for $8 and change, but charges $4.49 for postage and handling.  [!] They also have the tedious robot protection steps [!], etc., making me reluctant to use their site ever again.  I’d rather go through Thriftbooks and get the credit with them (points add up to free books), and their postage goes to zero if you buy over $15 in one order.  Given my pessimism above, of what value would this book be?  I guess I’ll pass.

No Doctor Strange for me today, because vertigo.  From the Mayo Clinic website:

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is one of the most common causes of vertigo — the sudden sensation that you’re spinning or that the inside of your head is spinning.  BPPV causes brief episodes of mild to intense dizziness. It is usually triggered by specific changes in your head’s position. This might occur when you tip your head up or down, when you lie down, or when you turn over or sit up in bed.

Some decades ago I treated myself for this problem, and it cured me with a cure that lasted a few years, I believe.  When the vertigo returned, I had forgotten the details of the procedure (it was quite simple), the “Canalith repositioning procedure” which is also described by Mayo.

I was reading about my own “best books list” on my blog, and discovered (maybe I’ve seen this a hundred times before?) that at the bottom of each post are links to the previous and next (chronologically)—no need to go back to the home page, or do a search, or look for another link, because it’s built into WordPress.  Yay!

I’ll continue providing a link, however, when I’m posting a “continued” blog entry.

One blog I looked at recently has internal links to topics in the post.  I’d like to have this as well, but it would require editing the HTML code—which I did extensively on my Angelfire website…about 30 years ago.  So, meh. [I can no longer get into the website to edit, so it’s all old stuff.]

I’m falling into a habit these days regarding diary writing and blog posting:  I write until I get over 1,000 words for the day, then post it.  In MS Word I created a macro to give me the word count “since last blog post”—it’s very simple.  I put an asterisk at the end of the diary when I post a chunk.  Then I created a macro that does these steps:  1) jump to the end of the diary; 2) search backward for the asterisk; 3) select all text from the asterisk to the end of the diary.  The word count is provided at the bottom of the screen, built into MS word.  To run the macro, I have an icon on my “macros” toolbar (this is a customized “tab”), so, wherever I am in the diary, I click on the icon and get an “instant” readout.  Frinstance, today’s work, plus a short paragraph from yesterday that I wrote after the blog post, amounts to 1222 words.  So I guess I’ll post this part.

I’m fortunate enough to have worked as an administrative assistant, where I got comfortable programming macros to make my word processing more efficient, and that has carried over into my retirement, naturally.

So, on to WordPress…

Oops, late addition:  for breakfast I had a smoothie made of the following:

  • six inches of a stalk of celery
  • one small apple, seeds removed
  • heaping teaspoon of peanut butter (no salt)
  • quarter-cup of oatmeal
  • 8 oz of almond milk

This recipe offers “tons” of fiber.  It was a mildly “daring” experiment—I was concerned about the taste of the celery—but it was quite good and I drank the whole thing.  It was chewy because of the oats, but I liked the flavor.  However, when I started eating a slice of bread (so I wouldn’t have go to for a cup of Cheetos), the sweetness of the bread thereafter made the smoothie taste slightly bitter.  The ingredients filled the cup almost to the top line (16 oz).  The rest of breakfast consisted of a whole banana (not in the smoothie this time, no room), a slice of Dave’s Killer Bread, and two chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Now it’s almost 2:00 pm and I’m not hungry (six hours).  Woo hoo!

Copyright 2022 (text only) by Alan Carl Nicoll
All Rights Reserved

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