Finished My Book: Diary, 9/20 to 9/26/21

Joy and depression; Tasty Words a hit at Hemlock Club; purple hair; no free car, sorry; Bullet Journal; a Simpsons dream; a homeless family.

{9/20/21}  Weight 213.2 at 6:45 am.

Now Salomé is saying, “after the wedding” for the car, “if they can’t sell it.” BTW it has air conditioning.  Her fiancé had some input, of course.  That’s okay.

Now, do “a little work” and finally finish the book.

{9/21/21}  Weight 213.0 at 6:15 am.

I DID finish the book!  I DID finish the book!  I DID finish the book!  And it actually made me happy.  What will publication feel like?

Later, I was in a funk of depression for an hour.  Clearing stuff out of the red cart and reconsidering my priorities and my “next steps” regarding the book and my work brought me out of it.  That, and an ice cream sandwich, though by that time I was already past it.

Now, I found, finally, the note I wrote after working with the Nietzsche (see 9/18/21), and here it is:

“I cannot deny that I exist. What does it mean, then, to deny the reality of “truth”? It is a question of the meaning of “I” and of the relation of words and objects. I must read Quine.”  Dated 9/17.

This note was in my little blue Moleskine notebook—I should use this as a kind of Bullet Journal, or at least to replace the post-its that I’ve been using and that have been multiplying unbearably.  It was because I was looking through the post-its that I couldn’t find my note.  Post-its need to be restricted to use as bookmarks, shopping lists, and the like.  Thus will I bring more order to my life, increasing my efficiency.  I’m not in love with systems; but I see that what I’ve been doing is inefficient.  The Moleskines have the unique advantage over the BuJo that they fit in pockets.

Now, to get rid of the post-its, I’ll put them here as Collected Notes:

I’m too starchy to own a dog.

Salomé’s email:  [deleted]

[9/22/21:  Wandered off mid-task.]

Meeting with Bono tomorrow morning.

{9/22/21}  Weight 214.2 at 4:30 am.  Highest weight since 9/10, disappointing and puzzling.  213.8 at 7:05 am.

A dream of Homer Simpson walking by a park when an automobile accident takes place near him.  He thinks at first that he has been shot at, then he sees two cars in a wreck.  There is a small fire.  Homer pulls one man from a car and puts him at the base of a tree, sitting against the tree.  Then he returns to the car and fills a gasoline can with gas and puts that next to the man.  Then Homer gets in a yellow car and I’m thinking, “Isn’t his car red?”  And he drives away, the fire still burning behind him, and I’m waiting for the explosion.  That’s it.

Watched The Missing (2003), a pretty good, somewhat predictable western with Tommy Lee Jones and Cate Blanchett earning their pay.  Good photography and soundtrack.  Much will depend on one’s view of indian (Native American) mysticism and psychic powers.  The jaded critics at Rotten Tomatoes rate it at 58%, the audience at 50%.

I’m not jaded because I can’t remember anything I’ve seen or read.

Met with Bono at Dagny’s at about 10:00 am to discuss Kick Me.  He agreed to read it and provide his professional opinion and advice, for $300.00.  I accepted the terms.  It remains to be seen whether said opinion and advice will be worth that much.  It’s a small enough investment, I suppose.

Now, on to novel writing.  And novel reading:  I’ve abandoned Bleak House as the most boring of Dickens, and taken up, for a third time, The Pickwick Papers, as the most relevant of Dickens to my possible Hemlock Club Novel.

I just posted on Twitter:  “I think I have irritable brain syndrome.  It gives me diarrhea of the mouth.”

{9/23/21}  Weight 213.2 at 7:00 am.

{9/24/21}  Weight 212.4 at 6:50 am.  Wow!

{9/25/21}  Weight 212.2 at 4:40 am; 211.2 at 7:25 am.

Reading Nietzsche, Dickens, John Cleese.

Watched the last half hour of Emma (with Anya Taylor-Joy), a favorite, and News of the World, passable but predictable.

Looks like I’m too bored, too boring, or too busy to write in my diary, thus, to post to my blog.  I’ve been rereading the things I’ve written about “the bleak philosophy.”  Unfortunately, rereading it doesn’t make it less ragged.  That would require editing, which would require thinking, and thinking is best done in small doses, if at all.

“Hemlock Club today,” which these days means, seeing Nog today.  However, Pablo plans to return on Monday, so I imagine he’ll resume participation.

A tweet I posted this morning:  “Steve Schmidt may have been prescient on Maddow last night, but Noam Chomsky was warning us that “The Republican Party is the most dangerous organisation in human history” twenty years ago.  Here it is in 2017:” (link)

{9/26/21}  Weight 212.8 at 6:25 am.

Here are the highlights of yesterday’s Hemlock Club meeting.  There are no highlights.

That’s a joke, but I am little motivated to do anything else these days.  It’s hard to be serious when you’re facing the end of civilization.  Or do I have that backwards?  I don’t like this mood, so I’ll revert to my usual bland self.

TC and Peanut [his wife] were in the thick of it yesterday [at the Hemlock Club meeting].  TC told old jokes which provoked little laughter but some other enjoyment; a sample:  “If you’re taking a bath, how can you be sure that there’s an elephant in the tub with you?  You smell his peanut breath.”  He also pointed out a person with purple hair in Panera.  I had to whip out my 100+ Ideas notebook and show him #97:  “Dye your hair purple.  If that’s too extreme, buy a purple wig and wear it occasionally.  Why should women have all the fun?”  Peanut ended up with the notebook and leafed through it, then asked about “tasty words.”  I showed her my Words and Quotes notebook, specifically the page with the list of tasty, tasteless, and ? words.  She was so delighted with the tasty words that she copied them into a notebook of her own; this is what she copied:  shack, sheen, sjambok, sombrero, spangle, sump, teazle, throng, thistledown, frugal, dervish, claque, doodads, galligaskins, lumpens, saving grace, eviscerate, saponify, gnomic.  She asked why “eviscerate” was also in the tasteless words list, but I had no real answer; I might have said that I’m whimsical.  The “? words” might be worth noting here:  Rheumania and pregNancy.  Anyway, much discussion of particular words followed and Peanut went to her car to get her laptop, then proceeded to struggle with getting online, to such an extent that she was forced to call on the assistance of a young man at another table who had his own laptop open.  I’m not quite sure what her purpose was, but I gave her a HC business card with the URL of my blog on the back because the lists of TWs are available there [link to one Tasty Words list].  While this was going on I finally remembered that I had the full list of TWs with me, so I took it out and handed it over.  These lists of words cover a dozen pages in five columns; I’ve never found a good use for them.  Of course, talking to Peanut is a challenge because she’s hearing impaired or differently abled.  Between these hijinks and various eating adventures (I had French onion soup in a bread bowl) and interactions with Jennifer, a waitress, we more or less filled six hours.  TC and I earned some goodwill with Jennifer by contributing to a homeless family who were in a car outside.  Annoyingly, I kept dropping dollar bills on the floor whenever I took something from that pocket, but Jennifer saved me from my stupidity.

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