Phantasm: Diary, 6/23 to 6/25/21

Phantasm and other DVDs; rethinking the blog; Frazier’s On the Rez and other books; getting rid of books; a meeting at Dagny’s about Kick Me.

Copyright 2022 (text only) by Alan Carl Nicoll
All Rights Reserved

A scene from Phantasm

{6/23/21}  Weight 215.8 at 6:15 am.

Laundry today, if I can get my dead ass moving.

I did.

{6/24/21}  Weight 217.2 at 5:10 am.  Disaster.

Another disaster is House of 1000 Corpses by Rob Zombie.  I spent the last half hour of my night’s sleep trying to think of how to describe my experience of watching, then fast forwarding through, this “movie.”  There are, it is said, some movies that are “so bad they’re good.”  This one is so bad it’s bad.  I didn’t get the joke.  I also didn’t enjoy this experience.  I’ll waste no more time on this thing.

After that waste of about forty minutes I went to bed early and read Will Durant’s The Life of Greece, then Rosalie David’s Handbook to Life in Ancient Egypt.

Read the “notifications” on Twitter and posted this in response to St. Brian:  “Rereading my [blog] post was a sobering experience.  One must wade through a lot of nonsense and trivia to get to the titled subject.  Maybe I need to rethink the whole enterprise of posting ‘unedited’ diary entries.  What do you think, should I cut the chatter, or not?”

Well, I suppose that the chatter has some value, but it ensures that the posts won’t be readable as essays.  If I post only “essays,” or rather nascent essays, I’ll have fewer posts and likely fewer hits, but the site as a whole would be more respectable.

But now I’m both “starving” and sleepy.  I’m going back to bed.

And I’m going to stop (again) buying potato chips—I can’t leave them alone, and I blame them for my recent “catastrophic” weight gains.

Received the first of six books from Thriftbooks, Edith Hamilton’s The Greek Way.  It’s the second edition of a book I read probably in my twenties or even teens, adding five new chapters.  Since I’m reading the Durant, I can’t imagine getting to this one any time soon, or ever.  But I’m unlikely to finish the Durant, so I might get to Hamilton sooner than I think.

Another book, Ian Frazier’s On the Rez, I’m getting rid of.  I read the first chapter of this memoir probably twenty years ago and liked that chapter a lot, but had no idea why I’d stopped reading it.  This time, the first chapter didn’t do a lot for me; I read the second chapter this time, but the book apparently is a mix of trivial bullshit and Indian history, so I’m dumping it.  I’ve gotten rid of a lot (like maybe four) of books on Indians but still have six others.  A quote (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, 2000):

As surely as Indians gave the world corn and tobacco and potatoes, they gave it a revolutionary new idea of what a human being could be. Thanks to Indians, we learned we didn’t have to kneel to George III. In the droning sameness of history, this was front-page, glorious news: we could walk the earth the equal of anyone we met, no princeling’s inferior, unobliged to kiss anyone’s hand in subjugation or to have anyone kiss ours. p. 13.

By “getting rid of” I mean giving to Pablo.  It’s no favor—his house is a hoarder’s wet dream, vastly overloaded with books to the point of piling boxes on his front porch and even running over to his yard, a couple dozen or so, I guess.

It’s 4:30 am; I’ve been awake since 2:30.  Annoying.  I’ll likely go back to bed before I have breakfast.

{6/25/21}  Weight 216.2 at 6:40 am.

Watched Phantasm earlier today.  I had seen it once before and remembered liking it well enough, but was less pleased with it this time.  While there are several interesting and/or amusing things in it, on the whole it just doesn’t hang together or make much sense.  Perhaps that’s okay.

Also watched Phantasm II (I bought the 5-DVD set, five movies).  Regrettably, the actor playing “Mike,” the star of the first film, was replaced for this one.  The things that were pleasing about the first film were repeated here without much difference, while the silliness remained.  At least twice during the movie I said aloud, “Gimme a break!”  Among the extras are an old 18-minute film called Abraham Lincoln, a straight biopic of little interest.

Shopped at Wal-Mart, spending I think $108, mostly on a fire extinguisher and three DVD packages including Season 2 of the Harley Quinn animated series and Nicholas Cage in The Color Out of Space, which I wanted because the story was one of the best of H. P. Lovecraft and because it was only $5 for the Blue-Ray.

Did a lot of reading in Richard Rorty:  Consequences of Pragmatism, in the “Introduction,” which I’ve read about three times previously.

Met with Ben and Pablo at Dagny’s.  I wanted to talk to Ben about Kick Me, so I did.  He does various editing jobs, so I’m hoping I can afford to pay him to read and comment on my book.  He was running “Shut Up and Write,” the Bakersfield chapter, through before the Covid disaster and he’s looking to get something like it started again.  So I’ll be spending the next month getting it in shape for him, as well as extending it to cover my last five years, especially the totally horrible year of 2020.  I finished a read-through recently, so I’ll also need to make the changes I noted.  And, finally, I’ll want to get the feedback from Nog, since he’s been reading it for about a month.

Copyright 2022 (text only) by Alan Carl Nicoll
All Rights Reserved

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