Diary, 9/18 to 9/22/19

Copyright 2019 by Alan Carl Nicoll
All Rights Reserved

Herman Melville

{9/18/19}  Weight 221.0.  I’m surprised…yesterday evening I “couldn’t stop eating.”

Just read the first seventeen pages of this file, finding it almost consistently absorbing.  As I’ve often said and will likely often say again, the diary is both my best writing, and my best reading.

But now it’s time for Democracy Now!

Looking into Martin Hägglund’s This Life and finding it almost completely unfamiliar—but I read up to page 47 with considerable highlighting just one month ago (see 8/16 entry).


{9/19/19}  Weight 222.4.  Whaaat?

So, a discovery:  these annoying brackets that come from somewhere and can’t be deleted, it turns out indicate a bookmark.  What I still don’t understand is why I get bookmarks by accident, apparently by copying and pasting text.


{9/20/19}  Weight 222.4.

Dreamt I was on a raft on water, with at least one other raft nearby.  I left the raft, approaching the other, and seeing two young women carelessly exposing their bushless genitals, a sight I was glad to take advantage of.  But, as I gazed, these genitals morphed into their male counterparts.  Urk.

There was another dream of “The Mighty Thor” but I can’t remember what was going on.  I watched Thor: Ragnarok last night (my computer spell checker prefers Ragnarök).  There is much to like in this movie, and things to dislike, but on the whole it fits well into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Yesterday was very busy and fatiguing; I was out of the house at 8:00 am, home at 3:00 for a thirty-minute nap, then out again until 7:45.  Nothing interesting enough to talk about, however.

Saw the new Library of America volume of Melville’s poems at B&N, and can’t get it out of my head.  I read the first page of his “Clarel,” a book-length poem that I’ve been curious about for about half my life.  Section titles start with “Jerusalem,” and overall it seems to be about what we call “the holy land”; this is not encouraging, but I liked the storytelling of the first page, so I’m still curious.  The most likely result of this is that I’ll buy the thing ($45!), read a few pages, and put it on the shelf where it will stay until I croak.  The thing is, I already have way more poetry books on the shelves than I’ll ever have time or interest for.  So I’m going to wait.  Maybe it will show up in the Hamilton catalogue for about $30.

Come to think of it, I never did buy that Yale Shakespeare in 40-odd volumes.  Haven’t missed it, but if I’d had it, I likely would have read some of it.  It would be a better purchase, I think, than the Melville.  And what about those van Gogh letters?  Never, I suppose.

Of course, there’s the issue of instant gratification, which says, “buy the Melville.”

What has 152 gram fat (96 saturated), 128 grams of sugar, and 2240 calories?  My dinner, a box of eight chocolate-covered donuts.  Oh, let’s not forget, 1440 mg of sodium, too.  My most egregious binge this year, surely.  Well, it got me through Avengers:  Infinity War.


{9/21/19}  Weight 223.4.  Coulda been worse, coulda been better.

In addition to Infinity War, I also watched Avengers:  Endgame yesterday.  Another kind of binge, seven hours plus.


{9/22/19}  Weight 223.2.

Only two of the group of four Pathfinders showed up yesterday, Julian and Brad.  Brad hadn’t done his character, so we spent almost two hours waiting for that.  But then we got to play an encounter, so that was good.  It turns out that Julian, who seems so intelligent and competent, is a so-so Pathfinder GM at best, primarily because he misunderstands some rules and is rather too eager to modify the published adventure, and it seems that I’m the only one who has done much reading of the Core Rulebook.  He was very slow to believe that the new rules allow up to three attacks (“Strikes”) during a turn, and he didn’t know about the new Hero Point rules.  The rest was smooth enough.  Julian wanted us to role-play more than I’m comfortable with, given that I’m playing a Goblin rogue, a character that should be more than a little weird and funny.  With my old group I’d have been less inhibited.  Perhaps I’ll grow into the role.  I’m afraid that the group may fold altogether, although two men saw us playing and stopped by to comment.  Could be that we’ll get more players.  Panera Bread was a good place to play, though it’s outdoors.  We’ll be returning there next Saturday.  Julian generously gave me a ride home.

Hemlock Club today.  I’m getting a busy calendar.

Copyright 2019 by Alan Carl Nicoll
All Rights Reserved

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