Diary, 3/16 to 3/23/19

Got a call from J last night around eight o’clock. He was calling from the San Joaquin Community Hospital emergency room. He suddenly had been unable to walk without extreme pain. They did an ultrasound examination of his legs, but he had not heard the results. Given that he is homeless, where he will be today is unknown.

Diary, 2/9/19 to 3/7/19

A most pleasant surprise: Black Book, a WWII thriller with a stunning, charming, gutsy performance by 30-year-old beauty Carice van Houten. Very tense at times, with lots of twists and turns, lots of death, lots of bare bosoms. Good recreation of ’44 Holland. Happily, no concentration camps. Directed by Paul Voerhoeven of Starship Troopers … fame? I picked up this DVD somewhere cheap, perhaps the last library book sale. This one really got under my skin, well, she did, especially.