Three Oldsters on Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving last year. This year I’m staying home.

The End is Near

By Alan Carl Nicoll

Copyright 2017 by Alan Carl Nicoll, All Rights Reserved

I spent a bundle yesterday on going to see Justice League, treating my one current friend, he’s unemployed, and buying “toys” from Amazon (for me), but if I eat at home alone, it looks like Progresso® pea soup for Thanksgiving.  So I go out, planning to make the long walk to Carl’s Jr.® for dinner, despite no Wi-Fi—I’d checked, and they were open.  I need the walking because my legs have gotten weak this year, but I’d take the bus if they ran on major holidays here.  Prediabetes, according to my neurologist.  Medicare.  God Bless Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Even so, the diagnosis cost me $300, with a bit owed yet.

Willie is old, fat, black, with a walker, probably an alcoholic, and he hangs out at the corner though he’s no longer homeless, he…

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