Poetry Sketchbook

I apologize to all early readers of this post.  I neglected to reread it after typing it, but have now corrected the many typos that I overlooked while typing.  I promise not to make that mistake again.  Technical issues with WordPress and health issues with the flu (very nasty) caused a delay in getting this file back on my blog.  Unfortunately, I haven’t solved all the technical issues, so, to read the poems, you’ll need to see it in the PDF format.

These poems and bits of “poetic” prose never had the distinction of being thought worth the typing.  All were written between 2007 and 2016, while I was in prison.  Now, since I have a blog which demands ever more words, I am rescuing these few items from eternal oblivion to thrust them under anonymous noses.  Some are quite crude, mere sketches, I’ve omitted the least interesting items, and I’m resisting the impulse to “improve” anything here, including capitalization, line breaks, etc.  Each has a title to mark the start of a new piece.  Whenever you see “ten years,” know that it’s a reference to my life in prison.

This time, I have deleted some dates, because they’re of no interest.  Comments welcome.   2/25/18.

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