My Best Moments on Twitter


I had planned on periodically updating this, er, thing, but now have no interest in doing that.  Lack of response, also.  Newest tweets first.

Replying to a poem by @RCdeWinter; four tweets combined:

Heartfelt and moving, I enjoyed it more the second time, knowing what it was about.  I attended, first time, an open mike poetry reading.  Nothing there was “heartfelt and moving” because no one had half your skill.  And I was just thinking that I would publish my few poems on my blog–perhaps tomorrow.

Had a long conversation with a friend tonight about poetry.

So this surprise from you seems like serendipity…couldn’t have been more timely for me, personally.  One last thing…

I find that the pain of loss of a loved one can be redirected into happiness at having been so lucky (or blessed) by the time I did have the person in my life.  I think of this as “my grief cure.”  But sometimes just feeling the grief is somehow better.

Nostalgia has its place.  2/2/18

The party of Lincoln is now the party of the KKK and Russia.  And the Dems establishment has turned their backs on progressives again.  Sensible people have no political representation.  Our 200-year-old experiment in democracy has failed.  2/1/18

The US, heroes of “the good war,” has pissed away the goodwill and admiration of the world.  Naomi Klein documented our crimes below our southern border; Noam Chomsky did it for the world; we are a genocidal nation, dropping more bombs than any.  Good people cannot sit idle now.  2/1/18


I thought that reading Noam Chomsky was sorta self-destructive, making me hate US policies more and more.  But now I see that twitter is literally making me ill, encouraging me to express my hate and anguish every day in the strongest possible terms.  I think I will be spending less time and effort to learn about this country, and more time and effort to change it.  Or, briefly, less reading, more writing, and maybe, just maybe, a march or two.  A conclusion reached reluctantly.  1/31/18

I’m a vet and I don’t want the tRump💩 on my side, not even to clean up the vomit left behind after his puke-#SOTU.  The tRump💩, with the invaluable aid of the republiKKKans💩, has turned me into a HATER.  My STOMACH hates him!  My TOENAILS hate him!  1/31/18

People are still waiting for the tRumpf to “pivot” because they can’t believe that any President can be such an awful evil human being.  Time to stop waiting. 1/31/18

The US has dropped more bombs than any other nation.  “Interesting” is not a word I’d use regarding bombing.  😖  1/31/18

In Bakersfield (CA) downtown bus transfer station, the seating is so uncomfortable that people sit on the supporting frame rather than the seats.  Now they’re adding “seat separators” to bus stop benches to keep people from lying down.  Bakersfield hates poor people in many ways.  1/31/18

So we’re having a Russian-backed coup in the US.  Sounds strangely familiar, like all the US-backed coups I’ve read about in Naomi Klein:  The Shock Doctrine.  Karma.  1/31/18

Looks like my garage.  Wait… I don’t HAVE a garage!  1/31/18

I thought a “scrotation” was where they grew scrotums.  Yet another unnecessary word, which is why I can no longer lift an unabridged dictionary.  😏 1/31/18

Everyone I’m following who tweeted yesterday, please RT, because I keep missing things by sleeping, tending to my body’s needs, and simply from an inability to keep up.  But wait… this will just push me further behind!  Help!  1/31/18

Speaking as Eeyore, I have nothing to say.  If I had anything to say, nobody would want to hear it.  If anybody wanted to hear it, they would misunderstand.  If they understood, they wouldn’t believe me.  So, best not to say anything.  1/30/18

Preschool-age children should be in the home, with one parent or the other.  Social skills and emotional intelligence depend on the love only a parent can be expected to give.  It’s called “nurturing.” I cannot cite evidence; disbelieve at peril of your children and your society.  1/30/18

We’ve tried the #SecondAmendment and it’s not working.  Time to start amputating the trigger fingers of male babies instead of circumcision/mutilation.  Oddly, my proposal never gets a serious hearing.  😏  1/29/18

Ball-less men need to own up to their abuse of women, and stop the abuse in both word and deed.  #IDidItToo  1/29/18

#ClassWar is not the only problem with American society, it is just the most damaging.  Class war and #patriarchy are intimately related, because it is overwhelmingly white men who are so driven by #greed and the lust for power as to lose all humanity.  1/29/18

Israel says “Never again,” but their government is creating a Fourth Reich with Palestinians as the new Jews, aided and abetted by the USA.  It’s really sickening, and not covered in MSM here.  You have to read #Chomsky and indie media to get it.  1/27/18

I figure that the richer the rich people (our ma$ter$) get, the poorer I get because they have more money to buy politician$ of both parties.  1/26/18

tRump is killing me.  This daily and increasing anguish and disgust cannot be good for my health, physical and mental.  And this is undoubtedly true for all of us.  On my death certificate it should say:  “Cause of death:  tRumpitis.”  1/25/18

Hope to see you on Twitter.

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