Why I Write

I am trying to change the world, to make it a better place.  That is why I write.

However, I am not a nice person and I do not write for nice people.  I am an atheist and an ex-con and I have little time for those who are pushing religion.  To me, religion is a layer of stupidity between a person and the solutions to his/her problems.  When I’m more thoughtful than I am now, I soften this position slightly.

Search for my name on Google if you want to know all about my crimes, because I see no reason clutter up this blog with readily available public information.

All of which sounds a bit hostile, and I am anything but that.  It’s not unlikely that I’m defensive, however.

I intend to use this blog to publish parts of whatever book I’m working on; at present, my book is called Kick Me:  A Lifetime of Humiliations.  So far I have 56,000 words.  It is nonfiction, but I am also working on a novel; I have five first drafts of “mainstream” novels written in longhand while I was in prison.  I haven’t yet decided on which novel to work on because I’ve been exclusively focused on the nonfiction.

I’ll try to get some background into my profile soon, and decorate the blog site a bit more.  I’m finding it a frustrating experience trying to get things done with this WordPress thing.

I have a lot of material on my old web site, which I had up and running eleven years ago, when I was arrested.  I have been unable to update that so I’ll probably have to start a new site. There are a lot of book and (old) movie reviews, mostly very brief, some good ideas for clowning, a few family photos, a copy of my wedding ceremony, some “Palm of the Hand” stories (the title comes from a book by Yasunari Kawabata) written using first lines from an old web site, lots of links (yours are surely better), and so on.  Oh, and rules for a board game I invented, called Glom (played on the equipment for Abalone®, an out-of-print (I think) board game.

So, as a bit of a teaser, I’ll post another message here with an excerpt of Kick Me.  I welcome your feedback.

Thanks for stopping by.

Alan Carl Nicoll

Today (1/19/2018) I responded to a survey question about why I write, and I came up with a more focused answer than the above provides:  “I write because I want to change the world, to make it a better place. Money and fame would be nice, too. I also write to please myself, such as in my diary. Sometimes I write reviews on WDC and elsewhere, and sometimes I think I just like to hear myself “talk.” I also write on Twitter, first to develop a “platform,” which I understand is helpful in getting published, and second simply because I enjoy it.”

If you want to see the site where I found the survey question, it’s at Writing.com, and my pages there are at Alan Carl Nicoll at WDC (the link opens a new window).  Most of what’s there is here as well.  Given my disappointment with WDC these days (2/6/2018), I’ll likely not bother with it in future.  Twitter and this blog quite occupy my time, and the blog has been getting gratifying attention (though almost no feedback).

Here again is the link to my old web site:   Al’s Web Pages (opens new tab)

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